High Performance Procurement

G-Trend are retained by clients on both the buying and selling side of commerce. Our project delivery includes strategic, complex and high profile efforts. We believe that the most attractive service provider is one that helps you to meet your challenges efficiently and one you can always rely on to exceed your expectations. G-Trend has an innovative culture delivering breakthrough projects.

Some of G-Trends’ services include:

  • Strategic Support – Planning For Growth
  • Working with your teams to challenge and create future plans. From start-ups to mature companies we have the experience and expertise to help. You may face challenges of sustainably growing business, reducing costs and finding new markets. We can support your organisation in selling more, to more customers in more sectors. We can help you to increase the market adhesion and sustain long-term growth.

  • Procurement Optimised – Performance Procurement
  • How efficient, effective and cost-effective is your supply chain? Do you have the right suppliers and contracts to deliver your strategic business objectives? We provide world class procurement and supply chain optimisation, supplier management, contract negotiations, e-auction participant advice as well as design, build and operation. We support strategic, complex and high profile projects with performance enhancements, new enablement technologies and high quality staff support.

  • Bid Team Support – Bid To Win Every Time
  • Are you maximising every sales opportunity, particularly in tender situations? Can you fully resource periods of peak activity? From executive guidance to hands on management and administration we provide experienced multi-disciplined sales resources on demand. Industry professionals able to make immediate impacts. We offer full spectrum sales support including resourcing, performance review, process analysis, turnaround, training and consultancy.

  • Relationship Recovery – Before You Call Lawyers
  • Things can go wrong in the very best of relationships. What matters is rapidly determining what happened, finding a solution and then preventing any recurrence. We provide highly pragmatic and cost effective action led business relationship analysis. We will use our proven de-escalation, analysis, mediation and remedial process design, to provide effective dispute resolution. We provide on-going periodic monitoring and early warning system implementation with proactive management to prevent future incidents.

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